Pressure Washing Company in Erie PA

Eric Wendel ‘s Ultra Clean

Nothing compares to pressure washing for an immediate overall clean, fresh appearance to a home than a professionally done pressure washing! Eric Wendel’s Ultra Clean has been putting the sparkle on countless homes and business since 1990, in service to the greater Erie PA area. For ultimate return on investment, if you are looking to freshen-up the entire appearance of your residence or commercial building, start with pressure washing, to protect your largest investment. It is affordable for any budget, is over with in a minimal amount of time, and the value to your home is huge. Pressure washing also can help prevent future problems, such as mold/mildew growth and the need for re-painting or resurfacing. From the roof and gutters down to the ground level, power washing, properly executed, is a wise investment.

And why stop with your home or commercial building? Driveways in this climate can collect mold and algae, which over time create a dull, old appearance. Your sidewalks or paths around your home can also accumulate mold, dirt, etc., to give them the kind of run-down appearance that a good power wash can fix. Have a fence that is looking shabby or in need of re-painting? It might be that what it needs is a simple, low-cost power cleaning! Any surfaces in and around your home or office will benefit from the kind of professional power washing that Eric Wendel’s talented team can perform, and give those coming to your home or office a great first impression.