Safe, Efficient and Thorough Gutter Cleaning

in Erie PA since 1991

Protecting your safety, as well as the safety and well-being of your home and property, are the goals of the Ultra Clean Gutter Cleaning team.  Climbing on a ladder high enough to observe and clean your gutters can be a safety hazard, even for a healthy person, and is best accomplished by experts with the precise equipment and skills needed to do a thorough, efficient cleaning.Regular gutter cleaning done by the experts will ensure your safety and that of your property.

Regular, thorough gutter cleaning provides many benefits.  It will keep the rain water flowing cleanly out of the gutter system where it is supposed to go, protecting your shrubs and other decorative plantings around your home.  It will prevent stagnant water, plant and insect accumulation in your gutters, which not only block the rainwater flow, but can promote mold and bacterial growth and damage to property.  One of the biggest benefits is keeping your windows and doors free from drainage that cannot get out of the gutters the proper way.

Maintaining the health of your roof is also a key benefit of regular gutter cleaning.  Backed up water and mold growth can harm the roof itself, as well as creating the ejection of gutter contents to unwelcome places.  With regularly cleaned gutters you can even save enough rain water to help water your lawn and other ground covers. Let Eric Wendel’s Ultra Clean help you‘green it up’ in Erie, PA!

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